Hi, my name is Clovis Monteiro.
I'm engineering student.

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I am currently a student of computer engineering, graduating from Universidade Salvador. I live in São Francisco do Conde, work in Salvador - Bahia, I'm learning data science, technology lover, machine learning enthusiast and I'm creating this portfolio to show my activities to everyone.

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Titanic - Machine Learning

This is a project with the data offered by the platagorma kaggle, where the intention is to make an analysis of several variables that could teach an algorithm to identify which passengers died or survived in the tragedy. This can be considered the "Hello World" of every Machine Learning enthusiast.

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Analysis of TMDB movie notes.

Project carried out as a basis for data science studies. The files are provided by TMDB (The Movie DataBase). Python is the language used and the libraries used in this project are Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn.

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Data Science Tutorials

Material to study, have access to python library documentation and be able to execute commands to perform certain activities, such as opening files, manipulating data, working with Strings, executing queries and being able to learn with practice and without much headache to install development environment.

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Anatel - DS

Python, problem solving and activities developed

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